Meru University dance battle and comedy night.

      Today will see the best in both worlds of comedy and dance battling it out at Meru university of science and technology. Three varsities will turn out today to show exactly what they are made of. Heads are probably going to turn as the much-hyped event goes down at the Multipurpose hall. The event was a joint initiative by the creative arts club of all varsities. With an entrance fee of 100 bob which happens to be cheap and convenient to students is expected to be packed as activity and buzz slowly fills the atmosphere. If you’re looking for an interesting way to spend your Saturday night, then Meru university is the place to be this afternoon.
       Security is also at its maximum with armed police patrolling the premises and body searches are also conducted on anyone that enters the auditorium. The event will also be aired live on Meru tv which is also standing by to broadcast the event as it is scheduled to start in a few minutes. VIP tickets are going for 200 shillings and also happens to be fully booked, that goes to show the type of packed activity that will be on session in the next few hours. Come one and come all. It will also bring together the best in comedy in Meru where great comedians are said to have come from. A night of laughter and dance is a great way to end a stressful week and also to turn our eyes away from extreme events in our political scene.
       This is a great opportunity to blow up steam from all angles and is hoped to be the biggest come together of varsities in Meru county so far. Student leaders from all institutions are also expected to show up at the event alongside the beauty queens of each. This would be a great time to get to meet in person the people we usually see on social media, let’s get social. Talent is a growing concern to parents, institutions and also to a country as a whole. The greatest thing about talent is to actually watch it grow and rise in front of your own eyes. It only gets this good at a university face off. May the best men and women carry the day.

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     Babu owino is
said to have lost his teeth in parliament according to one face book page  ‘’Tuko na Uhuruto’’, this happened as
honorable members faced off in parliament earlier today. The word honorable
alone in Kenya represents a bunch of individuals who do not only build castles
in their heads about how and what this country looks like, but also represent
the exact opposite of what leadership was meant to be. The two youthful
politicians who have the ability and opportunity to write their political
dreams today decided to add fists and fury to their political history.  The Member of parliament of Embakasi East Babu
Owino is said to have lost teeth to Jaguar.
         This comes as
members of parliament in different parts of the African continent have been
turning to blows as the most appropriate way of addressing people. A leader is
said to be a mirror, that he reflects his people. If the leader is corrupt, so
are his people. At the rate at which everything and anything can be done for a
price in this country just goes to say that we are a corrupt nation. I still
find Erick Wainaina relevant to date, ‘’nchi ya kitu kidogo.’’ Members of
parliament of Uganda also had a few moves that the Kenyan delegates should
borrow the next time they try fighting. The 21st century will
forever be remembered as the generation that rose Africa to its proper place in
the food chain. With riots, all over Africa for better leadership and service
delivery. An end to dictatorial rule and the genuine rise and birth of
democracy in the entire region. Something proving difficult even for a super power
like the United States of America considering their just concluded elections.
        Is humanity
losing a grip on being sensible, or has it always been a man eat man society?
Since truth stopped existing for a majority, it will be hard changing the national
and local picture. When we come to the question of who is who in the political
scene, the one who controls the masses. The most likely occurrence is Babu
Owino. Jaguar however being a musician failed to convince the masses of his
political ability was nominated to parliament by the jubilee party. Babu owino
on the other hand was elected quite a number of times as the chairperson of the
university of Nairobi. Successfully vied and acquired a seat in the honorable
chambers and who is actually undertaking his second degree at the same
       With phones
disappearing in the corner of justice to Mungiki dressing as policemen, the
story here should be straight. This is said with lots of respect and
consideration to Kenyans who are modern day gladiators, defying all odds and
making it to their dreams from very rough places. Mr. Owino was assaulted by a
struggling musician who cannot come out of one sound; who tried his luck in
politics and failed then went ahead to cry in public; then nominated by this
party called Jubilee to parliament where he showed he is not worth the
nomination. There are political favors and projects and there are politicians
like Owino.  Your days in parliament are numbered.
 At least we know the goons that passed
the bill for those so-called policemen to detain an individual for 14 days
without bail or arraignment in court from the 24 hours allowed by the law.
watch the video here…..

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happened to the fourth of July? What happened to democracy in one of the
greatest nations known to man at this age and time?  It’s been a long time since the USA took the
title ‘’great’’ from the British who had self-imposed the word at the beginning
of their name during their conquering days. Maybe for lack of a better thing to
do or we could simply blame it on the weather. The United states of America
itself has grown tremendously during the period into a force to be reckoned
with until recently when it transformed into everything it does not stand for.

free world, as though often by most and looked up to by most African countries
recently found itself in a dilemma like most African countries. A scenario
where an election which is considered most secure, free and fair turned out to
be a mockery and sham to its citizen. That’s when all the questions started
emerging. The ones about how great and sabotage free the nation really is.
Unlike their African counterparts however, their reaction was the most
disturbing aspect. The expected wide criticism of the process would have in
turn lead to judicial trials and another round of elections like the Kenyan one
as most would have expected.  Heads
should have rolled, people incarcerated and all hell should have broken loose
on those individuals who tried to undermine the will of the American people.
Like Osama, Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein, they should have stopped local
terrorism in a similar manner and fashion.
        According to the events that transpired, its
accurate to say that a thief sits at what is possibly considered to be the
greatest and most powerful elected office in the world. With all the great
names associated with the USA, it’s quite a horror to watch and experience
firsthand the unfolding and making of a computer-generated leader. Thomas
Jefferson, Martin Luther and anyone who contributed to making the USA what it
is are literally rolling and flipping in their graves at the sight of Trump.
Popularly known for his ‘’your fired’’ statement in a television show called
the apprentice, the business man is said to be extremely thankful to the
Russians for making his otherwise known dream into a reality. That goes to say
that behind closed doors, the Russians run the government and its interests. I
bet it does not sound that great right now.
        History would have been once again made by the
democratic election of the first female president in the United States of
America. As at now, history will never forget that those elections were flawed
and it happened in the greatest country we know of during our time. A classic
way of importing mischief from African countries where leaders simply bribe,
corrupt and intimidate their way into power. What really happened to the spirit
of the American dream? Is there hope for that great nation? Or is this just the
beginning of the end of what was a great story. The American story. I therefore
close with the words of an open minded and honest thinker who once said, ‘’They
who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve
neither liberty nor safety.’’

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    Yes, you just read that, just in case you’re wondering if you read that title right. It’s about time this particular group of Kenyans realized that Kenya does not belong to them. This goes out to those Kenyans who think that they are more Kenyan than other Kenyans yet 42 tribes came together to fight for this beautiful country. We as Kenyans are wondering where we missed the mark? When did Kenya turn from being ours to that of a particular tribe? However, it’s been proven that the best way to hide something from an ignorant fool is to write it on a book, so let’s take time school some of this lost Kenyans.
     Fifty-four years after fighting the colonialists for what was rightfully ours, instead of fighting poverty and better education and accessible healthcare for all, we are now fighting a particular group of Kenyans who just can’t get the point the whole nation got decades ago. Is it that hard to identify what’s right from wrong? At this rate, it’s hard to tell if you can differentiate your right hand from your left, too blind to see that individualism carries the day and not tribalism to a large extent. Extremely proud to be used as rubber stamps and its very disturbing that we are tempted to think that this might be that particular crop of descendants of political collaborators who made independence hell. Guess what, independence happened anyway. 
     If Raila’s father, Jaramogi was like some Kenyans out here, he would have accepted to be the first president of Kenya and the now celebrated Mzee would have rotten away in prison. Luckily, he is not that breed of Kenyans, he had the people at heart and respected the people’s decision.  What happened to the people by the people for the people? Tom Mboya, Robert Ouko and most recently Msando of IEBC joined the long list of political murders that have rocked this country and shocked a single tribe that they all come from. The contribution of this people to this country and  to what we are today as a nation can never be said enough times. Then comes this mad man Mosses Kuria talking in his vernacular about killing the same people, how silly are we as Kenyans to take that lying down, the saddest part was the cheers from some Kenyan as he said it. Get your history straight, it’s annoying that history is written in books. The old adage however confirms my suspicion, ‘’ If you want to hide something from a stupid person, write it on a book.’’ Babu Owino calling the president a dog does not even remotely compare to that statement and it’s not even close to funny.

   I’m tempted to think of what would happen if this country was split, imagine having a group of people who are grossly associated with theft and removing passengers from cars and hacking them to death along Naivasha-Nakuru highway, then add a bunch of cattle rustlers and modern-day people with poisoned bow and arrows in the 21st century where we thought guns would be the go to thing. That’s one poisonous combination and the end result leaves an endless trail of results; arson, genocide and lastly the turning of a country into Somalia. The only question on the table is how long it will take, because lawlessness and landlessness will be the order of the day.  If we cannot have free and fair elections in this country, then we will not fight. We will remove the cancer the best way we know how to, well cut it out! We are tired of mungiki dresses up as police men and rape our people in universities and homes, shoot and kill our children on the balcony of our homes. 

   Just in case you’re wondering, yes, it’s a riot act and Kenyans are tired of your old tired tactics of getting what you want. We have had this image of Kenya for a long time only to realize that it was a deception and inheritance for a group of entitled people. We need what belongs to us, a country with unity and peace.  We should know what belongs to you, having in mind that hundreds of acres have been stolen by the Founding father which belongs to us. I think its accurate according to Uhuru Kenytatta, Mr. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and history as it is to call Mzee Jomo Kenyatta a thief and land grabber if my history is accurate. If some Kenyans can’t stand the truth and other Kenyans with the same intensity, then we should just say goodbye and part ways. Luckily, we still believe in operation Okoa Kenya and with no doubt, when Kenyans come together great things happen. We are in the struggle for internal free and fair self-rule for all Kenyans. All Kenyans should therefore no just look the part but act the part as well. But, during the struggle for independence, there are also those untold stories of men and women who hid under their beds while it happened. You can therefore hide under your tribal veil as long as you want, Kenya will surely have its way at the end. Kenya will stand and its bigger and better than two or three tribes combined. My closing remarks are however simple, shame on you!

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On Thursday 28TH September 2017 at Kenyatta University’s Amphitheatre, Miss KU 2016/17, Mary Mwihaki was launching an initiative dubbed SMILE CHILD. The initiative was meant to sensitize people on child abuse and how to bring them up to be mentally and physical healthy.  To make the function a success, she incorporated fashion as the main tool to bring all students and other stakeholders to the event. The theme of the event was FASHION AGAINST CHILD ABUSE. The event attracted sponsors such as Safaricom, Redbull and Smile Child.  The activities in the event include:
  1. Fashion and runway
  2. Interactive session
  3. Designer showcase
  4. Entertainment from Dj Sneep.

 The main act of the day was the designers showcase with more than 12 designers, creativity was on trial with the best art work attracting loud cheers from the audience. The African urban fashion house, Auvazzi located at Bihi Towers enjoyed praises as models hit the runway rocking in their various designs. All the guests and the entire audience praised and wanted to know more about Auvazzi fashions. The Maasai shift dress, which was showcased by Gloria received a standing ovation from the audience.
 All the individuals we interviewed after the event gave positive remarks on the high level of creativity from Auvazzi designs. The guests, gave an average rating of a 4.2 out of 5.0.  
The next time you think of good and quality outfit, Auvazzi should be your first stop, where quality is considered priceless.

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AHSANTENI WATU WA NAIROBI As the official campaign period comes to an end, I want to thank God and the great people of Nairobi for walking with me throughout the journey. We have shared in the challenges and agonies of a city mismanaged, but more importantly, we have together built a new hope for new, efficient and liveable city for tribes and classes of people. I call upon all of you to turn out in large numbers on election day, and maintain peace. I believe that with your vote, we shall embark on this journey to reclaim and rebuild the the city of Nairobi. God awabless tu sana. #LetsFixNairobi #SonkoTanoFresh

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