On Thursday 28TH September 2017 at Kenyatta University’s Amphitheatre, Miss KU 2016/17, Mary Mwihaki was launching an initiative dubbed SMILE CHILD. The initiative was meant to sensitize people on child abuse and how to bring them up to be mentally and physical healthy.  To make the function a success, she incorporated fashion as the main tool to bring all students and other stakeholders to the event. The theme of the event was FASHION AGAINST CHILD ABUSE. The event attracted sponsors such as Safaricom, Redbull and Smile Child.  The activities in the event include:
  1. Fashion and runway
  2. Interactive session
  3. Designer showcase
  4. Entertainment from Dj Sneep.

 The main act of the day was the designers showcase with more than 12 designers, creativity was on trial with the best art work attracting loud cheers from the audience. The African urban fashion house, Auvazzi located at Bihi Towers enjoyed praises as models hit the runway rocking in their various designs. All the guests and the entire audience praised and wanted to know more about Auvazzi fashions. The Maasai shift dress, which was showcased by Gloria received a standing ovation from the audience.
 All the individuals we interviewed after the event gave positive remarks on the high level of creativity from Auvazzi designs. The guests, gave an average rating of a 4.2 out of 5.0.  
The next time you think of good and quality outfit, Auvazzi should be your first stop, where quality is considered priceless.

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